Dear Brother and Sisters members:

Our Executive Board met on December 11th and discussed and approved the following items.

The trustees over our Medical Fund voted to increase the contribution rate by $.25 effective March 1, 2021. this increase is due to the high number of claims we have experienced 

during the past few months. The trustees will also be interviewing different third party administrators to take over the medical fund in 2021.

All cost associated with the Covid-19 vaccine will be covered by our medical fund and you do not have to have meet your deductible to receive the shot.

Our Executive Board approved the purchase of a $5000.00 life insurance policy for all active members through our benevolent fund.

Our Executive Board approved all expenses and the officers salaries for November 2020.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this meeting, or you would like to address the Executive Board at their next meeting please contact the Union Hall.   



Phil Rainwater

Bus. Manager Local #48