Apprenticeship Training

Our apprenticeship program is the opportunity for motivated people to become highly skilled workers in a true profession. Those that are accepted have the opportunity to complete a formal training process, including hands-on training on real projects, and become journeymen in our field of expertise. Persons applying for our apprenticeship program should have good mechanical aptitude, an ability to work in varying environments, a good work ethic and positive attitude. To be considered for the apprenticeship program you must be at least 18 years of age. The program is a four (4) year endeavor which includes three (3) years of formal classroom study. Our particular trade includes working on insulating HVAC (heating and air conditioning) systems and plumbing pipes in industrial and heavy commercial settings. Examples of piping systems are steam boiler systems, chilled water systems and other lines that carry chilled or heated fluids. We work with insulation materials such as fiberglass, rubber, spray-on foams, loose fill such as rock wool insulation, and sometimes get involved in asbestos abatement projects. Allied Workers’ Local Union 48 offers health and welfare benefits for medical services including general physician care and hospitalization, dental care and vision care. Local 48 also offers valuable disability income and life insurance benefits. A pension plan for retirees is one of the best benefits that our members enjoy. For more information on our apprenticeship program, training or reasons why Local 48 may be right for you, please contact:

  • Kenneth Slaven, Business Agent
  • 404-373-0730
  • 404-377-5395